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17th June 2019 – Paris

The PreSonus interfaces in the rack Blimey, what a day.  Over the many years we’ve been coming to Paris, we have enjoyed extended stays in hotels and often made it a ‘hubbing’ point. This time we’ve chosen Lyon as a base. Whenever there are large events on in Paris, which is often, hotels ramp up [...]

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15th June 2019 – Copenhagen

Hygge, unless I am mistaken, is a word, often used in Denmark, which means ‘hug’ or ‘cosy’. They say the Danes are the happiest people in the world, and who would argue. Quality of life, a stable economy, good education services and high levels of social safety all contribute. Also, environmentally, Copenhagen kicks dust in [...]

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13th June 2019 – Herning

Summer storms seem to have settled into a pattern this week on the flatlands of Denmark’s largest land mass. Last night’s storm was getting ready to make a repeat appearance. Herning, Herning, have we been here? I thought to myself. Once the strange looking box appeared in the distance I knew we had. It was [...]

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12th June 2019 – Göteborg

Looks like we've outstayed our welcome - Stage manager, Dave Hall Grand Hotel get togethers happen more often than you’d think. The event that was in full swing when we got back to the hotel after the Stockholm show last night was in fact the Polar Awards after-show party. By wonderful, ironic co-incidence, the person [...]

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11th June 2019 – Stockholm

Lyssna, is the Swedish word for listen. It sounds almost as daft as a chef or restauranteur explaining that his diners ‘eat’, but our audiences really do seem to listen with intent. The crowd at the packed out giant golf ball Globe in Stockholm was no exception. According to John Ashton, our chief rigger, the [...]

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9th June 2019 – Oslo

There are a couple of things about Norway that are intriguing. Levels of public intoxication at weekends in Oslo are legendary and often hilarious. I suppose the prohibitive cost of alcohol in the country makes it all the more appealing at the weekend. Our hotel location is always slap-bang central and we do always seem [...]

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8th June 2019 – Bergen

Flying into Flesland airport, Bergen is an experience. On approach, it is difficult not to gaze in wonder at the myriad fjords and idyllic island nests that surround Norway’s ancient capital city. The busiest port in the country is a base for the offshore fuel industry, freight and of course, tourism. Over 300 cruise ships [...]

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7th June 2019 – Ålesund

Norway beckons.  Øur day began in England after a perfectly timed 7-day break. Once again the team reformed in the GAT lounge at Farnborough airfield, this time in pouring British rain. Traffic coming out of West London was quite extraordinary. With many road closures, it was a nervy ride out for some of the guys [...]

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30th May 2019 – Birmingham

Bearing in mind the short distance between Manchester and Birmingham, it was no wonder the logistics team decided that a drive was the way to get to the next venue. Happy to be back in cars and vans driven by our wonderfully smooth German drivers, we left Manchester’s rain and floated down the M6 in [...]

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29th May 2019 – Manchester

Manchester has had its fair share of tragedy as a consequence of cowardly acts and with the 2 year anniversary of the arena bombing this week, my thoughts have been with those who suffered loss. As the rain began to fall in London, I bade farewell to our new favourite hotel, The Beaumont, and headed [...]

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