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18th Oct 2015 – Washington

TONE KING   Another day trip from New York city, this time to America’s capital city and to a venue we visited a while back. The Warner Theatre is another in a run of cosy venues which have both atmosphere and logistical challenges for our crew boys. The weather in New York this morning was [...]

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17th Oct 2015 – Philadelphia

PHILLY CHEESESTEAK The beautiful Philadelphia Academy of Music on South Broad Street hosted us today, built in 1855-57, it is the oldest opera house in the United States that is still used for its original purpose. Walking onto the stage reveals an impressive concert hall. It reminded us of a mini Royal Albert Hall in [...]

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16th Oct 2015 – Red Bank

RED BANK This is our second visit to the Count Basie theatre which although built as the Carlton theatre in 1926 was only renamed in 1984 to honour jazz great and Red Bank native William “Count” Basie. The theatre also hosted James Brown's last show before his death. Although $1 million has been spent on [...]

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14th Oct 2015 – Niagara Falls

UNHINDERED CROSSING When I last came to Niagara Falls back in 2008 I….no wait a minute, I didn’t. That was just a movie....for which I scored the music. Niagara Motel was a fun little black comedy starring Kevin Pollak, Craig Ferguson and Anna Friel directed by Gary Yates set in this weird and wonderful town, [...]

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13th Oct 2015 – Pittsburg

TOURING WHEELS   With the sunshine glistening on the water of Boston harbour, we flew up and away towards Pittsburg. Mark and I were trying to work out when we last visited this great city and neither of us could recall doing a show here since the heady days of DS. Unless I’m mistaken, it [...]

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11th Oct 2015 – Albany

STATE CAPITAL Today consisted of another quick trip out of Boston and back, this time to the New York State capital, Albany. Once again, it’s a trip revisited as five years ago we played the same venue with Bo Ramsay and Pieta Brown. The weather was perfect for flying and with Debbie treating us to [...]

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10th Oct 2015 – Mashantucket

BLUNDER BUS After yesterday’s deluge, the weather today was crisp and bright. Not a cloud to be seen in the sky as I investigated the proximity of the closest Whole Foods store. I’ve finally given up with hotel breakfasts, something I should have done long ago. The other day at the Toronto Four Seasons I [...]

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9th Oct 2015 – Boston

POLICE FIRE   The windows of the Montreal Ritz-Carlton looked out this morning to a proper dreary day. Probably the first such day of this leg of the tour. It was cold and very wet. Our departure was a little earlier to allow for any immigration hold-ups flying into Boston, Logan airport. I found Jim [...]

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7th Oct 2015 – Montreal

DELICIOUS NIBBLES   My goodness, another ridiculous day. Gym, self-made brekky with PG tips and Nespresso coffee in the room. Then a walk about the neighbourhood in search of Buckley’s ORIGINAL cough medicine. I should explain. A few of the band have had a tickly cough - nothing serious - so a bottle of Buckleys [...]

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6th Oct 2015 – Toronto

NEGRONI CLUB Another day off and another round of golf but this time was different as I managed to organise something which the crew boys could enjoy as well. We all found ourselves in the same city with no travel preventing their inclusion. Mr. Saggers, T.C. (guitars) Robbo (Stage manager) and Tellson (L.D.) all joined [...]

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