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7th Oct 2015 – Montreal

DELICIOUS NIBBLES   My goodness, another ridiculous day. Gym, self-made brekky with PG tips and Nespresso coffee in the room. Then a walk about the neighbourhood in search of Buckley’s ORIGINAL cough medicine. I should explain. A few of the band have had a tickly cough - nothing serious - so a bottle of Buckleys [...]

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6th Oct 2015 – Toronto

NEGRONI CLUB Another day off and another round of golf but this time was different as I managed to organise something which the crew boys could enjoy as well. We all found ourselves in the same city with no travel preventing their inclusion. Mr. Saggers, T.C. (guitars) Robbo (Stage manager) and Tellson (L.D.) all joined [...]

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4th Oct 2015 – Ann Arbor

REVEREND COYOTE Almost exactly five years ago we flew in to Ann Arbor from Chicago for a show at the same venue with an evening flight after-show to Toronto. I recognised this fact whilst on the plane looking out somewhere over cloudy Kalamazoo. My one and only experience of Kalamazoo. We landed at Willow Run [...]

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3rd Oct 2015 – Indianapolis

SOCKS For me and I think a large proportion of the band, today was a slow day. Exertions of the past few nights take an inevitable toll and every now and then there comes a day like today. Everything seems to move a little slower, traffic seems heavier, my bag seems heavier, the sunlight - [...]

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30th Sept 2015 – Milwaukee

XR750 Arriving at an even busier Midland airport this afternoon, Cpt. Blake greeted us at the FBO (fixed base operator, an aviation business that serves the general aviation industry) and a waiting shuttle bus drove us all of 100 yards to the plane. The bus was manned by the same chap that drove us yesterday [...]

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29th Sept 2015 – Minneapolis

LEINIE ’n’ SAUSAGE The day started slowly for me which meant I didn’t make the breakfast club meeting at Tempo, our favourite touring deli. Hell, I didn’t even make it to the gym. Orange Juice, Cappuccino and a Peninsula Bircher Muesli was ordered via telephone to the room almost without internal dialog. The Peninsula was [...]

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28th Sept 2015 – Kansas City

SNAKE BITE I’m not quite sure how today happened. First, we were breakfasting in Austin, then we found ourselves in downtown Kansas City and the next thing we knew, we were in the windy city once again. Three cities in a day can be the norm for us in the USA. The story begins with [...]

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26th Sept 2015 – Dallas

MAJESTIC RIBS Texas is an extraordinary place, there is a real buzz here. Yes, it’s the weekend sure but there’s nothing mythical about Texan hospitality and warmth. Self-confidence is also a trait from historical evidence I would say. They definitely see themselves as different from the rest of the USA and their economy, the largest [...]

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25th Sept 2015 – Austin

3 things…. Music The tour seems to go from strength to strength and we all keep thinking “how can it get any better”? well the answer is, it can. The show in Austin was another to genuinely savour. I wondered why we haven’t been here for SO long. The venue had a club feel to [...]

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