18th Sept 2015 – Berkeley

ANOTHER PLANET Gigs don’t come much better than this. Here’s why. 1. The venue. The William Randolph Hearst Greek theatre at Berkeley has long been a huge favourite of ours and with every visit, we seem to love it a little more. Owned by the University of California, Berkeley, Another Planet Entertainment exclusively runs, operates, books and [...]

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16th Sept 2015 – Las Vegas

CAESARS BOHEMOTH   I get it, I really do, Vegas I mean.   Being married to a Californian means I understand the tradition. The attraction of having a fun weekend, driving to Vegas, blowing a pre-set amount of money, taking in  show, having a ball and heading home with a sore head. In the ’50’s [...]

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15th Sept 2015 – Salt Lake City

WATER BALLOON Our day off yesterday was a quiet affair. I hooked up with a windsurfing friend and drummer, Tim Ortlieb from Hood River and Ezzy Sails. He was keeping an eagle eye on the wind situation and early morning it was looking good as a 40mph gentle breeze was blowing. Unfortunately the situation became [...]

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13th Sept 2015 – Portland

PORTLAND SCENE Visibility across the Puget Sound was almost non-existant this morning as I gazed into the murk pounding an overburdened treadmill in a freezing cold, uber-air-conditioned Four Seasons gym. I suppose the arctic conditions mean that sweat doesn’t stand a chance, more hygienic? Discuss. All I know is I couldn’t wait to get out [...]

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11th 12th Sept 2015 – Woodinville

LATE SUMMER WINE   These Summer winery festival shows are quite something. A welcomed addition to our touring schedule and the chaps at Chateau Ste. Michelle really know how to organise them. The musical events here have been running now for over 30 years and can boast a long list of artists who have incorporated [...]

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10th Sept 2015 – Vancouver

TO CANADA Ahh British Airways, “the world’s favourite airline” claims the ageing slogan, the accuracy of which is questionable in 2015 yet if the bustling club lounge is anything to go by, it’s as popular now as it ever was. I couldn’t find myself a seat when I rolled in on a busy [...]

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