RockHall Induction weekend 2018

RockHall 2018 Lying in a room in the crown plaza at JFK that smells like it’s been used by someone washing their dog, awaiting news from the travel agent to see if we can get out of New York today - at the second attempt - is not my idea of the perfect way [...]

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20th Sept 2015 – Santa Barbara

BABY BACK The drive from the Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica to Santa Barbara had huge scenic potential and a quick look at Google traffic made the route obvious. Our rental cars are being driven by the management team of Pete, Tim and Paul and Mark, Glenn and I are travelling in a brand [...]

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19th Sept 2015 – Los Angeles

DARK STAGE Today’s LA venue has been home to America’s Academy awards ceremonies (the Oscars) since 2002. The framed photographs in the dressing room, all in black and white, shows teary eyed actors and celebrities gleefully holding their oscars. Formerly the Kodak theatre, the Dolby - or Dubly, as it is correctly known - is [...]

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29th – 30th Oct 2012 – Denver CO

Mile high Waking up on our first morning in Denver I soon felt the effect of the high altitude. Hydration is everything up here for touring muso's and crew. I couldn't get enough water down me last night yet I woke dry as a bone. Denver is nicknamed the 'Mile-High City' because its official elevation [...]

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