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    Hi Guy, and followers. This is a question not just for you, but your readers as well. I am about to set up my first, very own home theater, both for movies and MUSIC. I am wondering if investing in a SACD player is a good idea? I see there are a lot of albums out there available in this format, not the least the 20th anniversary remaster of Brothers in Arms, but I also read that not all SACDs are created equal, and that some are just not worth investing in. I am a complete novice at this, and I am NOT RICH, so anything I buy will hurt. LOL. So any insight is appreciated. I am now retired and find that in current political upheaval in US of A, music is my salvation, so hence this quest for music excellence. I would appreciate any response from your followers, as they all seem to be audiophiles, if that is the correct term? Thanks all Shawn Loudermilk

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