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    Stephen Butler
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    Dear Guy:

    As you will know, but some of your readers may not, DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. It is the kind of virtual recording studio favoured by most musicians, particularly those where space is at a premium. I’ve also noticed that some musicians will record on analogue, then transfer it into Logic or some such and edit it there. That way you get an analogue sound but with all the advantages that digital recording can provide. In fact, if I had the money and space for a reel-to-reel tape machine, this is most likely the way that I would do it. I’ve been running on Cubase now for over 10 years, still the same version, which is causing me great issues nowadays as my recordings get ever more complex, and the 32-bit software struggles to access the memory needed to run not just the DAW but any other attendant VST or effects unit.

    I’ve been advised that it is better to run a DAW on a PC that a) is not connected to the internet, and b) doesn’t have a whole lot of additional software, whether musical or non-musical, because even if you’re not using them (i.e. Microsoft Office), they can still have little bits of .exe files or dll’s running in the backgroud and clogging up that precious memory (sounds like a gospel tune). I only have one PC and I have to use it for everything.

    So, my question to you and any other readers who have got this far is: what DAW would you personally recommend, pretending for a moment that money was no object? It would need to be something that does not require any additional hardware to run it. Cubase? Cakewalk Sonar? Are you a user of VST instruments? If so, do you have any particular favourites? One of my favourites is East West’s Symphonic Gold which, if you don’t mix it too high, can pass for the proper instruments on occasion.


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    Hi Stephen, I would seriously recommend you use a Mac Pro for any DAW. The internet connection is neither here nor there. The systems we run at BG are permanently connected to the web without issue. SSD drives are the biz and a large maybe 4Tb drive for audio/sample content as well as a separate audio drive.


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