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    Received my CD a couple of days ago and have given it a couple of spins (and by a couple I mean it’s been on repeat since then, the soundtrack of my working days).
    Not so good at writing reviews but I’ll give it a try.

    General impression is that, as Mike wrote earlier, it’s clearly Guy’s best so far. A lot happening in the music (as in the artwork). My favourite is probably High Roads, that chorus with the “gospelly” (if that’s not a word, it should be) female vocals and the screaming guitar… wow!

    Love the whistle and the fiddle in Margaret set and the sweet melody of smuggler’s craft is really, well, eeer, sweet. And melodic. (told you I wasn’t good).

    Looking forward to discovering more when I get to listen to it properly (on vinyl that is)

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    Hi Guy! My copy of High Roads dropped through the letterbox a few days ago and I have been listening ever since. I thought this one couldn’t possibly be as good as Natural Selection, but I was wrong. I particularly like Bruce Molsky’s contribution to the album – his banjo really adds something and I love his voice on Another Gale Blows. It fits very well with your harmonising. Other favourites are Riding High, Margaret Set, Smuggler’s Craft and High Roads, also Greenhouse which keeps going around in my head! BTW Getting here was a bit of a pain – my password kept being rejected, but I have now arrived….I think.

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    Guy, what a listening pleasure this has been. I always test new music out in the car and did again with High Roads. Rode 3 hours south yesterday afternoon in a thunderstorm to San Diego (yes, a substantial thunderstorm in SoCal) to see an acoustic show with Steve Earle and Jackson Browne; it was a perfect time to take a High Road or two, and that it was.

    For the second listen, not yet to Temecula, I adjusted the settings on my my car stereo to “hear” better and, well, I may not know what I’m thinking or saying, but this is a most thoughtful, creative, masterfully played and engineered theme of music. I thought I detected homages to a couple of your influences, but again, I don’t know what I’m saying. Perhaps some questions on this topic later.

    The first question I had was to ask who was doing those nasty (in a good way), but faintly heard, electric guitar pluck/licks at the end of April Light, but then in a stationary moment earlier I had the chance to read the credits and saw it was Max. Awesome. I also really enjoyed the changes in time in this song. Actual question: you have a couple of bars in 7 time there, don’t you?

    Well, anyway, Steve Earle and Jackson Browne were great, but I did enjoy my exploration of Higher Roads to and fro much more, and look forward to continuing to do so. As always, such treasures in your work.

    Apologies for our Ryder Cup behaviour, but not all of us Yanks roll that way; I just love the quality of golf.

    Cheers, Doc.

    Dr. FletchDr. Fletch
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    Thanks for the wonderful comments. I appreciate it.


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    Great job! I really love this album and I think it’s the best you’ve done. The title track High Roads is a real gem. Well done, Doc, well done!

    Mara Nikitina
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    Hi Doc! Many thanks for great new album. I like and love your music. Wonderful interpretation & recording. Thanks for autograph too. Greetings and best wishes in future! Mara

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