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    Bloody hell, dearest Guy-tastic one, that was hard! Jolly good show for the new forum, milesbetter than the old one, but I’ve had to re-join after going through all the various permutations of previous username and password combinations. It must be a good five years or more since I’ve ever had to use them. Then, of course, it occurred to me that I probably had to re-join in the first instance. Never mind, we’re here now, and don’t think you can escape my dull rantings just by doing a silly little thing like changing the forum host. I love it; I can do daft things like bold and italic, just because I can. And, best of all, I can change

    paragraphs. Why the blimmin heck is he bothering me now, I hear you all cry. Well, irony of ironies, I see that you, Guy, released a new album out yesterday. I’m going to order my copy right now. It’s ironic because so did I! Funny old world. I had no idea this scheduling clash would happen, and now we have a real battle for the No.1 spot on our hands! I wonder if you may allow me to give it a slight plug – it’s called Honour Among Thieves by the band ‘Private Joke.’ That’s me & my very, very, very talented brother Julian. No, not the other brother, the one who designed the interior of the last Range Rover (and the new Discovery, of course), but my youngest brother. We write the songs together and I play bass, some guitar and keyboards. And it came out yesterday! It’s on iTunes HERE and DIRT CHEAP! We’re very proud of it which is why I’m doing everything I can to flog a copy, since nobody’s heard of us, you see. Rather than me drone on about how brilliant the single was, may I just leave a link to our our website where you can pop over and see the video for it, and preview the album. I guess if this post is still here in an hour’s time I’ll know you are OK with this shameless act of self promotion, but not a deliberate attempt to steal the thunder of your new record.

    Also I have a question for you, Guy, but I’ll pop across to the Ask Dr. Fletch floor for that. This is great. Separate departments for everything you could possibly need. It’s like Are You Being Served? Cheers!

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