The day started in Barcelona, another beautiful day, not too hot, just perfect. After a leisurely breakfast we checked out of the hotel and Bernie drove us to the airport for the flight to Sevilla. We had been warned that the temperatures in this part of Spain can be quite extreme but the shock of stepping out of the plane and onto the tarmac was intense. Akin to opening your oven door at home and sticking your head inside to test the meat! The temperature outside the plane on the tarmac registered 52 degrees C. That's 125.6 F.

We climbed into the cars, led by Mannfred and 'team C' and headed off toward Cordoba, an estimated hour and a half drive away. The roads were fabulous as I understand they are right across Spain and we arrived in just over an hour with the Hybrid Mercedes purring along effortlessly. Danny, Mark and myself simultaneously imagined driving our respective 993's along these roads as they were wonderfully winding and smooth. Perfect Porsche conditions.

Arriving at the bullring, most of us headed for catering only to hear that Chris Desmond had a rough day with the heat. He suffered heat exhaustion and collapsed, so he was on the bus recovering and Angus and Mike took the helm and served up dinner for the crew...and band. Mark and I shared a small helping of the fish pie, which was sublime. after eating Mark and I wandered into the kitchens as Mark wanted to enquire about the delicious 'Morcilla' sausage which was served up in Barcelona, a type of Spanish pudding but with the inclusion sometimes of rice. Angus was standing outside with his local help, who incidentally were fantastic, for the day having a fag break.

Some of the boys were saying that inside the venue, the air temperature peaked at 46 C. (114.8 F.) IN THE SHADE. Needless to say, the crew were all pretty exhausted and were periodically nipping off to the crew buses to cool down. They were parked up conveniently right outside the backstage area. Right next to the Simfy recording truck ably commanded by Ulf Ronneberger. Ulf has been mixing the shows, live, every night and has done a great job too as anyone who has bought the USB stick will probably testify. Tonight is Ulf's final show with us. Thanks Ulf.

Mike, Danny and John, bonding

The dressing rooms were a couple of very makeshift partitioned rooms with a small, inadequate fan in the corner. Tim had a look round and found an air conditioned 'museum' upstairs inside the building. We moved a few pieces of furniture upstairs and relocated. It was a most interesting room as there were many bulls' heads on the walls and I noticed the branding icons on the plaques. It seems they represent the farmers or ranches which raise the bulls. There were also many fantastic photographs around the room depicting fights from up to a hundred years ago and a wall of wonderful bullfighter head-shots.

We had heard a few days ago that the legendary flamenco guitarist and resident of Cordiba, Vicente Amigo wanted to come and see the show and also to meet Mark. Here they are together. I hope he enjoyed the show.

and the group shot . .

Mannfred with Glenn in the background with the old girl...

The 10:30pm show time was soon upon us once more and I discovered why the shows start so late here. Simple. The stone seats, which have been baked all day in the sun in the arena are just too hot to sit down on until then.

The crowd were even more excited than yesterday and every time a crew member went onto the stage to prepare something, they went wild. Ben Byford, being Ben, played along with them imitating a bull. They loved that. By the time we took to the stage, the air temperature was thankfully a little cooler and there was the gentlest of breezes which made the gig actually quite comfortable..for us. I'm sure it was a cauldron down of the floor in the crowd but the smiling faces everywhere testified that they were having a great time. The Spanish crowds are quite amazing and although they are SO noisy, making a most incredible racket after every song, when we got to say, Telegraph Road, they were as quiet as could be. Then at the end...well you know. Madness.

The encores were fabulous and I thought I should take a few shots. I'll do more of this in the next few shows as the sight is something to behold.

We ran into the cars and set off for the airport in Sevilla. Since I had the camera with me, I took a few more shots.

Exclusive. . . The Runner, from inside the car

An hour and a bit later, we were going through the very small security checkpoint and allowed to walk the 20 yards to the steps of the plane. Daniella was there to greet us and we dined on steak and a glass or two of fine Rioja. An hour later, time we gained with a time change, we arrived in Lisbon and a bus ride to the main terminal and through to be greeted by Gunther and his team. We arrived at the hotel at around 3am. The final day off tomorrow.

How the time flies.....

25th July - Cordoba - Plaza de Toros Los Califas

Get Lucky Tour 2010