I'm pretty sure the Straits played here back in 1986 but I could be wrong. An old 60's sports hall with all the accompanying style and odour. We checked out of the Rome hotel, one of our favourites..and flew into Croatia this afternoon. We pondered on the stark contrast in cultures as we drove in to the city and towards the gig. The crew were all pretty exhausted but as usual they are all smiling faces and you'd never know unless you pry. We decided against a soundcheck but did a small meet and greet including a verse of Caravan with myself and Matt on Stylophones! I'll video that for you later. The dressing room 'hang' left much to be desired and we all couldn't wait to get on stage. The audience made up for everything, and some. What a crowd. Plenty of filmers once again but I did notice how respectful, helpful and kind everyone is here.

Our intrepid captain Christian was kind enough to let me film much of today's flight from Rome to Zagreb. As usual I learned many interesting facts about the aircraft and flight in general. Chris explained to me for instance the effects of mistakenly flying a jet through a cumilo-nimbus cloud. Ouch!

We deviated from this one.

We're delayed as we wait for a US govt. helicopter to land carrying 'stuff' for a presidential visit.

The seating in the arena this evening consisted of patio furniture. Whatever you can get for the money I suppose. Once again, great crowd tonight.
9th June - Zagreb - Dom Sportova

KTGC Tour 2008