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Due to the website redesign, the diary archive is currently incomplete. They will all re-appear here as soon as possible.
These diaries, documenting tours and studio projects have been compiled on a regular basis since the 2001 – Mark Knopfler ‘Sailing to Philadelphia Tour’. Each diary or ‘Blog’ (to use the modern-day terminology) is a detailed, often candid account of life on the road or in the studio.
Plenty of Tea…enjoy

Tracker USA Tour 2015


Tracker European Tour 2015

Recording Tracker 2014

Privateering Tour USA 2013

Privateering Tour Europe 2013

Bob Dylan – MK USA 2012

Bob Dylan – MK Europe 2011

Recording Vicente Amigo ‘Tierra’ 2012

Recording Privateering 2011

Princes Trust Rock Gala 2010

Get Lucky Tour 2010

John Illsley Album 2010

Recording Natural Selection 2010

more to come soon…..