After yesterday’s deluge, the weather today was crisp and bright. Not a cloud to be seen in the sky as I investigated the proximity of the closest Whole Foods store. I’ve finally given up with hotel breakfasts, something I should have done long ago. The other day at the Toronto Four Seasons I paid 26 Canadian dollars for a glass of milk. When I questioned this at the front desk upon check out, the girl just laughed, as if she thought I was joking. Natural Granola and Bio Yoghurt without added sugars are very difficult to find these days. It seems the whole world has gone sugar mad, certainly as consumers as a whole, we are addicted. I’m fighting back. With my security mini-bar emptied (you know, the ones with electronic sensors on all the slots so they know when you’ve taken a drink out) emptied and all the drinks lined up in the counter, I filled it up with my shopping.

Hotel departure was set for 3pm and we had a very short run down to Groton, New London airfield and then a drive up to the rather odd Foxwoods Casino and resort. We made an identical trip 5 years ago, I know as I recall the delicious Legal Seafood Crab Cakes we ate on the jet but today there was no food service. Instead of our usual car transport configuration we were greeted by a HUGE bus courtesy of ‘Joshua’s Limousine’ – “providing more than just a great ride”. What exactly they were providing over and above the ride (which was not great) we never found out, the mind boggles.

The transport was laid on by the venue and was gratefully accepted. 35 minutes later we pulled up at the venue, set in the middle of a beautiful forest setting, a huge concrete behemoth stands.

The interpretation of laws related to tribal sovereignty on Native American lands have enabled some tribal nations to develop new businesses and sources of revenue. The Mashantucket Pequot tribe achieved federal recognition in 1983 by an act of Congress, as part of the settlement of land claim suits against the state. They decided to use gambling as a revenue generator to support other economic development and welfare programs. In 1992, the Mashantucket Pequot opened their resort casino, now one of the largest and most successful casinos in the world – in terms of gambling space and number of slot machines.

The good news is that no expense was spared in its construction and the theatre and load-in facilities are excellent. After a couple of really tough days for our crew, this one was a doddle. Naturally we were all starving by the time we finished sound check and today’s catering was provided by local restaurants and we ordered from a menu. I had a go at ‘Chicken under a Brick’. The brick was not served with the dish I hasten to add.

The runner back to the airport nearly didn’t happen, we learned from Peter in the ‘blunder-bus’. Apparently the driver got confused and drove to the FBO (airport GA terminal) instead of the backstage area to pick up the band! He arrived just in time. We were grateful to arrive at the airport and be delivered to the steps of the jet where after show drinks were waiting courtesy of Debbie. The short return flight back to Boston’s Logan airport was smooth and low (7,00ft max) so we could see clearly the towns and cities along the way. Back to the Four Seasons once more and a relatively early night.


Today’s Track of the Day is Circling – Four Tet (aptly named haunting textural instrumental from London’s Kieran Hebden and his successful Four Tet project. Frequently crops up on my playlists for many years now)