Today’s LA venue has been home to America’s Academy awards ceremonies (the Oscars) since 2002. The framed photographs in the dressing room, all in black and white, shows teary eyed actors and celebrities gleefully holding their oscars. Formerly the Kodak theatre, the Dolby – or Dubly, as it is correctly known – is an extremely well designed venue for performances with superb facilities and a wicked air conditioning system which made me wonder about my choice of clothing for the afternoon. In shorts, Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, I was properly freezing during our afternoon sound check. At 6pm a ‘dark stage’ was scheduled. Potentially this can be an issue for us and today, for me and Laurence, it nearly was. My B3 developed a small fault. One of the keys wasn’t working with the second drawbar. Laurence was prevented from working on it as NO-ONE is allowed on the stage during ‘dark stage’. Fortunately, it was easily resolved just before the show, a dodgy connection on the filter apparently.

The hall is magnificent. A real gem and apparently the out front sound was excellent. On stage we had our usual fun time and the knowledge that the audience was dotted with family friends and many musicians is hard to clear from your mind. LA is always like that and can be a slightly nervy affair but to be honest, it was the best LA show I think we’ve ever played. Friends and guests certainly thought so after the show. We drank and chatted very late into the night and staggered off to our rooms to rest for another wonderful day ahead.

all images today courtesy of John McCusker

Today’s Track of the Day is When That Helicopter Comes – The Handsome Family (I heard this one Saturday evening driving back from the studio on the Lisa Tarbuck show of all places)