Rounding off our fabulous 6-day stay at the now highly regarded Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, Ian and I grabbed some sunshine by the pool before the clouds drew in, ironically coinciding with our departure time. The weather today was very humid and with a chance of thunderstorm activity but as the day passed, this looked less likely – which is a good thing as the show tonight is outdoors. Monday afternoon traffic on the 405 wasn’t too bad so Van Nuys wasn’t very far away and Debbie was waiting on board the Legacy for our short hop down to San Diego. With the largest Naval base in the U.S.A. San Diego is only 17 miles from the Mexican border so naturally there is a heavy coastguard presence here along with a busy narcotics police department.  The drive to the venue was quick as it’s practically next door to the airport on a spit of land known as Shelter Island which houses a Yacht basin containing many boats. We decided not to soundcheck and instead tentatively nibbled on some fabulous Mexican food in catering, leftovers from lunch. I sat tentatively as we had a Mexican meal scheduled for after the show on the plane en route to Denver.

The Humphreys Concerts By The Bay has been successfully running since 1982 and concert packages are offered with accommodation on-site at the Humphreys Half Moon Inn which was the location of our backstage dressing and production rooms.

Nigel and Ben..

The crew worked hard all afternoon to squeeze our back line onto what is a smaller stage for us. My keyboard rig was slightly altered and Mr. Saggers had half of Mark’s amps behind a curtain on the back of my riser. About half an hour before show time, the rain started but it wasn’t enough to really dampen spirits in the 1400 seat arena overlooking the bay. The audience seemed to warm up slowly but by half way through our set, things were looking up and by the end this was one of the loudest ovations of the tour.

We ‘ran’ back to the plane and said our goodbyes to sunny California and flew to Colorado in just under two hours. A long but wonderful day rounded off with the eagerly awaited in flight meal. By the time we landed, the downtown Denver hotel couldn’t come quick enough. A great day, take a day off.