It’s remote location means that stays in Denver, Colorado usually involve at least one day off and on this trip we have two, one either side of the show. My day out of the ‘bubble’ was spent in the mountains visiting my good friend Gavin who owns and runs a great Horseback riding adventure Ranch called Bearcat Stables.

A two hour drive West along the scenic I70 takes you beyond Vail and to a resort known as Beaver Creek. The altitude here takes some getting used to, every step seems to require an extra breath. Gavin and I headed off to play golf at a Tom Weiskopf-designed course now known as Frost Creek. It’s SO quiet up here, not a sound…apart from the occasional cry of “four”. Anyone who has played golf at altitude knows the effect on distances. I was hitting two clubs lower for the same yardages (golf geek-speak). With one eye on the lookout for Bears and trying not to hit the many tame Deer which roam here, we had a great round, just making it in before darkness fell at 7:15.

The drive back to Denver next morning was quite spectacular as once again we are seeing some fine weather.

Red Rocks is surely the most spectacular venue in the U.S. Situated 30 minutes west of the city in the foothills of the Rockies, the views from atop the arena are ‘awesome’ – the word seems wholly appropriate here.


With the venue sold out, the scene was set for a perfect evening. I expected the recent Californian onstage Cannabinoid experiences to be repeated in light of the fact that pot is legal here, the prevailing down-stage breeze however meant there would be no contact high this evening – just the usual industrial oily smoke machine odour from Tellson’s smoke machines behind both keyboard risers..

Gary was donning his new Elvis shades, Crocks sneaks cheekily across the stage, the barbecue man prepares Tuna steaks and Mark fine-tunes his Local Hero tone.

The show lived up to all expectations. The weather was perfect, the audience were typically brilliant – they always are here – and the band and crew were on fine form.

A great Montage from Pete Mackay


New feature….. Today’s TRACK of the DAY is Let It Happen – Tame Impala (comment – may take a few listens)