South Carolina is a place I can’t recall having been to before. An hour East of Atlanta, North Charleston was originally a plantation area. The large plantations were subdivided into smaller farms in the late 19th century as the urban population began moving northward. Due to the large labor forces of enslaved African Americans who worked these properties, the population of Charleston County in 1870 was 73 percent black; they were mostly freed slaves.

Our travel from Atlanta was swift and Debbie served antipasti before we descended on our magic carpet into the area. The performing arts centre was a 5 minute drive from the airfield and so it wasn’t long before we were greeted with left-over lunch. Mexican. I find it hard to resist Mexican food. The day was looking like a potential eating fest. I was already stuffed by the time we did a very lethargic sound check.

A few images from the past few days….another in room lamp-stand session, hanging by the jet, interior fish and bonding with Kev.

Dinner was very nice too, but it wasn’t long before the early showtime of 7:30 was upon us.

I’d like to know why the 83rd show in an 87-date tour can be the most exciting, the most relaxed, the most inspired. Nothing will surprise me anymore with this band. Extraordinary. The audience rose to their feet as soon as we came onstage and didn’t sit down until well into the third number. They were in the palms of our hands from the get-go. We had a blast. The seating in the venue is slightly unusual as there are no enter aisles. The logistics of getting up for drinks seemed awkward, nevertheless, they were magnificent and certainly didn’t want us to leave at the end.

However, leave we did and we were soon on board the plane tucking into more delicious Debbie-prepared fish on what was a bit of a fish-fest of a day for me. A couple of Gin and Tonics and we were approaching Palm Beach airport and heading for our final hotel of the tour on west Palm Beach.


A day off on the beach?…I suppose we’ll just have to put up with it.


Today’s Track of the Day is El Sol de la Noche – Salsa Celtica