Another day off and another round of golf but this time was different as I managed to organise something which the crew boys could enjoy as well. We all found ourselves in the same city with no travel preventing their inclusion. Mr. Saggers, T.C. (guitars) Robbo (Stage manager) and Tellson (L.D.) all joined myself and Blake (our pilot) at the magnificent Credit Valley Golf Club outside the sprawling city of Toronto. Our hosts were Head Pro. Adam Cherry and Superintendent Jason Hanna. (it must be a good club as they stock Galvin Green!) We were looked after like royalty and had a fantastic round on a truly magnificent course. We had lots of laughs intermingled with some great golf. A fabulous day off.

Here’s Blake, Adam and myself on their signature 11th. Many thanks to all at CVGC.


Mark’s pedalboard..

Richard views the Massey Hall wall of fame.


New feature – What the crew get up to after a show…..

The Negroni Club – Colin (Alfie) Barton, Gary Grimm, Dave Dixon and Glenn Saggers

REPORT (by Gary Grimm)

Tanqueray Negroni

On the evening of September 30, the following alcohol was prepared for our bus ride to Chicago from Milwaukee.

1 oz Tanqueray Gin No.10 (stored in freezer)

.75 oz Martini Vermouth extra dry (stored in refrigerator)

.75 oz Campari (stored on counter – room temperature)

zest of orange


Four drinks were prepared (at one time) using an x-large mug as a mixing vessel.   Equal parts were poured into 4 glasses full of ice.  

After all spirits were poured into said mug a small handful of ice was added, then the whole mixture was stirred for about 20 seconds then allowed to sit for approximately 1 minute.  Character was needed.

The participants were most eager to sample the new drink and favourable reports followed.



Colin Barton (1 drink) – full thumbs up

Glenn Saggers (3 drinks) – full thumbs up 

Dave Dixon (3 drinks) – full thumbs up

Gary Grimm (1 drink) – full thumbs up 

In conclusion I would have to say that the whole test was a success.  As the drive to Chicago from Milwaukee is approximately 1.5 hours the session expired too soon.

NOTE:  There has been a disclaimer that this drink is a ‘Blanco’ and not a ‘Negroni’ as the Vermouth should have been red.  The recipe was taken from an article in US Airways in-flight magazine.

* Upon Richard Bennett’s request Gary Grimm prepared the preceding report.


Massey Hall was the setting for the legendary Charlie Parker-Dizzy Gillespie concert, recorded as Jazz at Massey Hall, in May 1953. Accompanying Gillespie and Parker were Bud Powell, Max Roach and Charles Mingus. Richard reminded us that the recording has not been out of print since its release in 1953. It’s always an honour to grace this stage. On stage left, the sound was ‘difficult’. It’s often the case, some of the band can have a great sound and a few feet away it can be hard work. In ears same the day but there’s no escaping some of the huge low frequencies generated by a PA system being so close. Every time Glenn hit a ‘C’ it felt like my world was dissolving, such was the intensity of the resonance. It’s just the nature of any given building, Dave Dixon was alerted and as always worked wonders in minimising the issue. Nonetheless, we all had a great show and as ever the Toronto audience was fantastic. Standing ovations at the end saw us scurrying for the cars and the short run back up Younge Street to the Four Seasons hotel. From there it was across the street to our old haunt ‘Hemmingways’ bar and restaurant. Open ‘till 2am every night. A few drinks and that was that.


Today’s Track of the Day is Other Way Around – Pieta Brown (Pieta and Bo Ramsey, her husband have been on our musical landscape for quite a while now and it was lovely, as it always is to see her at a show recently)