My goodness, another ridiculous day. Gym, self-made brekky with PG tips and Nespresso coffee in the room. Then a walk about the neighbourhood in search of Buckley’s ORIGINAL cough medicine.

I should explain.

A few of the band have had a tickly cough – nothing serious – so a bottle of Buckleys has not been an unfamiliar sight in the dressing room. Buckleys is by far the best remedy when you have a cough as I learned a long time ago, probably around the last time we played On Every Street! ha ha.  Anyway, I have found many variations but I couldn’t find the original, and as always, the best is the original, they still make it, I know it. Only available in Canada (as far as I know) the quest continues as long as we are here. I just have to find the time in amongst music and golf to actually go to the shops!

The drive from Yorkville in Toronto to Pearson airport seemed to pass by swiftly and then once on the airport perimeter road, it seemed an age before we arrived at our GA terminal where our drivers had to go inside a building to receive lapel badges authorising their access to the airside tarmac. Once claimed, the badges grant access to the airfield. In the U.S. and Canada, this is quite normal procedure. Something we really like about touring here. We are more often than not, literally dropped from door to door. It’s all very exciting…..still. Blake met us at the steps of the Legacy and literally as soon as the door was closed, engines were fired up and we were on the runway and under full thrust. V1, rotate. A nice smooth flight accompanied by a Chicken or Shrimp Caesar salad. We were picked up at the Aéroport Montréal Saint-Hubert Longueuil by the usual fleet of cars. Our driver was brandishing an over-abundance of after-shave which meant windows were open the whole way. At the venue we sound-checked and tucked into a Sushi dinner which everyone seemed to agree was great. The show was great, the auditorium sounded good and once again, a great crowd were on their feet at the end and didn’t want to let us leave. But leave we did and were at the Ritz-Carlton within 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the young lady who was supposed to wait for us with our room keys seemed to have disappeared and we were left standing in the lobby for a while. Tim, our tour manager was not amused. Still, all was well in the end and we ended up in the bar with some delicious nibbles and a few cocktails to round off the day.

I’m not sure what Richard played but it amused TC….

Sushi Boats ahoy….

Kerry’s eye view….


I can’t recall us having a day off in Montreal for at least 23 years but we find ourselves with one now. I had a game of golf arranged at the superb Club de Golf de la Vallée du Richelieu with Blake. We were joined on the course by two senior members. One was 83 years old, both were delightful and gracious. When I got back to the room, Mike and Nigel were using it as a recording studio as I had my NHT’s set up. Note the ADK Zigma microphone hanging from the temporary mic stand!

A night off in Montreal, what fun.

Today’s Track of the Day is Even The Darkness Has Arms – The Barr Brothers (haunting track from the Montreal quartet consisting of Andrew and Brad Barr (of The Slip), Sarah Page and Andres Vial)