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25th August 2019 – Toronto ON

Over 160 different languages are spoken in Toronto. In my mind it is one of the most diverse cities we visit regularly. We always stay in a ‘hip’ little district known as Yorkville, once a village, then a residential suburb and now, since 1883, annexed to Toronto. In the 60’s it was a bohemian cultural [...]

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24th August 2019 – Montreal QC

Montreal is a truly bi-lingual city with 49.8% of the population speaking French, a mere 22.8% speaking English and 18.3% other languages. Today’s journey was a day trip from Toronto Pearson airport which started at 2:45pm with the band assembling in the Hazelton lobby to board our SUV/Sprinter van convoy. Unfortunately, due to an irritating [...]

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23rd August 2019 – Boston MA

Having arrived into the USA via Boston a mere 10 days ago, it was somewhat strange finding ourselves landing at Logan airport once again, for what is a fleeting visit. This is a well worn section of tour routing and logistics. Lunch in New York, gig in Boston, after show drink in Toronto. The fact [...]

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20th 21st August 2019 – New York NY

How would you describe New York to someone who has never been? Teeming, 24-hour, crazy, cool, colourful, hip, funky, energetic? It’s certainly loud. By day, on the street it’s a unique, sometimes scary experience and by night the ‘echoes and roars and dinosaurs’ do the monster mash unlike any in other city. There do exist [...]

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18th August 2019 – Vienna VA

Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts is surely one of the nicest venues to play on any US tour so it was with anticipation that we were returning after quite a break from playing here. Through a partnership and collaboration of the National Park service and the non-profit Wolf Trap Foundation for the [...]

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17th August 2019 – Philadelphia PA

Perfectly located in downtown Philly, our hotel stands right next to the extraordinary Philadelphia City Hall, a ‘second empire’ style masonry building whose weight is borne by granite and brick walls up to 22 ft thick. Built in 1904 at a cost of 24 million dollars, standing 548 ft, including the statue of city founder William Penn [...]

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16th August 2019 – Mashantucket CT

Perfect break. After 57 shows is such a short space of time across Europe, the whole touring party needed a good rest and 3 weeks felt like the perfect amount of time to recharge the batteries. Heathrow Terminal 5 was the meeting point for those flying to regroup in the US from the UK and [...]

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22nd July 2019 – Verona

Arena di Verona. This has to be the most spectacular place to finish up on this wonderful trip around Europe. Another stunning Roman amphitheatre which has hosted so many spectacles in its 2,000 year history. The opera season is in full swing and a walk around the venue is a view into the world of [...]

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20th 21st July 2019 – Rome

pic - Leon Fletcher Rome has one thing in glorious abundance. History. High summer is probably not the best time to see this magnificent city as simply walking the streets becomes hugely draining and with a list of sights and historic buildings as long as any city, walking is what you need to do. For [...]

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18th July 2019 – Cattolica

Cattolica is a small community to the South of Rimini, along the coast, that started life as a resting place for pilgrims who travelled the Bologna-Ancona-Rome route, on their way to the sanctuary of Loreto or to St. Peter's in Rome. It would have been an obvious spot for a rest, the beaches here are [...]

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