The Original Tour Diary

Thu 05 April 2001 – ATL Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Caipirinhas..scene of the crime Undoubtedly one of the talking points of the Brazilian leg was the rate at which the caipirinhas were consumed. A well-known English keyboard player started the ball rolling on the promotional tour there in November by consuming fourteen caipirinhas within a 12-hour period. (Zeppelin bar, Rio de Janeiro. Situated across the [...]

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Wed 04 April 2001 – Gigantinho, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Pre show ritualsPre show ritualsMike and Richard continue to do battle on the card table before each show. A card game called Casino. For official rules go to  Looks like a fight waiting to happen to me although I’m sure we’ll all be playing it soon enough. Always the hardest thing to do for me [...]

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Mon 02 April 2001 – Teatro de Verano, Montevideo, Uruguay

Robbie McGrath in MontivideoHope it doesn't rain. Sound check in Montivideo, a hot and steamy day. Band on a boatThis pic taken aboard the giant high-speed hydrofoil bound for Montivideo from Buenos Aires. This thing travels at 60 knots. Buenos AiresThe view from the boat looking back at BA. We travelled 200miles in just over [...]

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Sun 01 April 2001 – Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Colin in wheelchairThe long awaited picture of Colin after the football match.The show must go on. FootyFootball Buenos Aires, March 30th 2001. The eagerly awaited football match between the ‘MK Giant’s and the ‘Diego Villeneuve Allstars’ (record company) took place in near perfect conditions. The fact that no members of the band were able to [...]

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Sat 31 March 2001 – Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina

TennisBuenos Aires March 31stThe first night in Buenos Aires was firmly stamped into our memories as we all went out for a ‘band’ meal at a beautiful waterside steak house in the city. Mark’s old pals Guillermo Vilas, the famous Argentine tennis player and Rudy Pensa, the maker of many of Mark’s guitars showed up [...]

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Wed 28th March 2001 – National Auditorium, Mexico City, Mexico

In earsThe bold move to launch the band into the 21st century by switching to ‘In-Ear’ monitors has had its doubters since the rehearsal period in March. Chad was the first to sing the praises of the hi-tech system having used them before on previous tours. He talked Mark, Guy, Glenn and Geraint into trying [...]

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27th March 2001 – National Auditorium, Mexico City, Mexico

Tour Diary : National Auditorium, Mexico City, MexicoTue 27 March  Mike and Richard apres showMargaritas all round! Mexico Welcome to the first instalment of ‘tour notes’ compiled by Guy. Coming to you from a laptop somewhere in deepest hotel room, dressing room, tour bus or plane. Constantly in search of a different perspective. Always on [...]

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