7th Nov 2011 – Nurnburg

Norisring.. It's an old cliche but when you're on the road, you REALLY don't know what day it is. This morning could have been any day of the week. I'm honestly not really sure why this is. Whatever the reason, I was surprised to learn that it was Monday. The fact that I knew full [...]

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6th Nov 2011 – Hannover

Driving limits... Day off - Another day off and this one is the last in Germany. With winter now rearing its chilly head with gusto, wandering the busy Hanoverian streets is a bracing affair. One thing that surprised me today was the high energy shopping that's going on in this town. Yes it's Saturday afternoon [...]

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4th Nov 2011 – Stockholm

Skeppsholmen stroll an Ice Ladder.... Well I was right, it was very difficult to get up this morning. Once I'd got back to sleep at the hotel, the getting up bit was tough. Being in Sweden, I had a suspicion that breakfast might be an issue for the later risers so I fumbled around for [...]

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3rd Nov 2011 – Malmo

Zamboni Baloney... There's something about the weather in Scandinavia at the moment which is making it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. I'm not sure that we've seen the sun for a whole week. It's grey, grey and more grey, so different from our usual Summer touring weather, especially here. It kind [...]

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2nd Nov 2011 – Herning

Great Danes... Day Off - Hamburg The day started with the traditional swim and Bircher Muesli. After lazing back in bed for a few hours I thought I should make some sort of effort to get out and about. I grabbed the camera and decided to find something interesting to shoot. I ended up by [...]

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31st Oct 2011 – Hamburg

Banjoween Day Off - ANOTHER day off, this time though most of it was spent on the bus as it was decided that we'd use today to make the 175 mile trip from Berlin to Hamburg. With the clocks going back an hour last night and a particularly Autumnal day, suddenly there's a real feeling [...]

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29th Oct 2011 – Berlin

Schnitzel Logic.. Day Off - Now we're well and truly starting to feel at home in the land of Schnitzel and Wurst. The Weissbier is going down pretty well too. What to do on a day off in Berlin? Well, quite a lot really. This city is crammed with amazing architecture, historical stories, fab food, [...]

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27th Oct 2011 – Leipzig

Banjo jokes.... It's odd that Bircher Muesli can vary so much from hotel to hotel within Europe. Being a lifelong fan, I've sampled a few bowls and this morning in Leipzig, the centerpiece of the breakfast tray was another such offering. Long before there were juicers and nut grinders, there was Maximillian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss [...]

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26th Oct 2011 – Munich

World's loudest tambourine... Senility can rear its unwelcome head at the most inopportune moments when you get to my age and last night when I walked into my hotel room at 2am I neglected to put the spare keycard in the light slot to keep the lights on. This hotel had what I'd call a short [...]

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25th Oct 2011 – Mannheim

Tripping points... A day off at the Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt..I'm not sure we've quite earned it but there are no complaints from any department. The hotel gym is a highlight and indeed most of us made the trip at some point today but the main attraction for me is that pool and I'm ready [...]

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