5th Nov 2012 – Madison WI

Barack Bowl Guy Fawkes night means little to folks in Wisconsin but this evening back at home in the UK, families will be out braving the Wintery elements, warming themselves beside a bonfire and watching firework displays of varying spectacularity. A wrinkly jacket potato, blackened barbecued sausage and a beer being the traditional heartwarming fare [...]

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3rd Nov 2012 – Omaha NE

Poultry Potlatch. Based on the hotel breakfast options in Tulsa yesterday it was with trepidation I picked up the phone to make this morning's breakfast order. A very polite girl who announced herself as Jessica answered the call and had to dash off and find a pen as though a breakfast order from a guest [...]

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2nd Nov 2012 – Tulsa OK

24 Hours In Tulsa A building boom in the early 20th century gave Tulsa one of the largest concentrations of art deco architecture in the United States. The Mayo is a typical example and an 'interesting' hotel. The pic above is the parking lot opposite. Built in 1925, the Mayo has history, indeed the lobby [...]

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1st Nov 2012 – Grand Prairie TX

Diamond Snap. I find myself writing more about days off than days on at the moment. I think we're starting to get used to this Dylan schedule. Certainly the last few non-show days have been most enjoyable. For today's day of luxuriation there was nothing particular planned apart from a trip to the Rockmount shop [...]

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29th – 30th Oct 2012 – Denver CO

Mile high Waking up on our first morning in Denver I soon felt the effect of the high altitude. Hydration is everything up here for touring muso's and crew. I couldn't get enough water down me last night yet I woke dry as a bone. Denver is nicknamed the 'Mile-High City' because its official elevation [...]

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27th Oct 2012 – Las Vegas NV

Gold Gig. Today was our first 'three in one' day for a while, cities I mean. Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Denver. Departure time was a leisurely 2pm so there was time for a stroll, a quick coffee, a brief look in the O'Neill store for my years supply of board shorts (one pair) and [...]

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26th Oct 2012 – Hollywood CA

The Bowl. Without wishing to rub salt into the weather wounds of those back home enduring what is by all accounts a pretty dreadful October, the weather this morning in Santa Monica was forecast to hit the 90's. The only dilemma being how to best enjoy the final day off in our LA stay. The [...]

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24th Oct 2012 – San Diego CA

The 405. You don't hear many complaints coming from the band as yet another day off looms large on the sunny, hot West Coast of California. It appears that L.A. is under the influence of a mini heat wave with daytime temperatures soaring into the 80's and even 90's forecast for the weekend. Our seaside [...]

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22nd Oct 2012 – Santa Barbara CA

Good Life. The first of three luxurious days off in Sunny Santa Monica involved much catching up with family and friends. The weather has been continually gorgeous during our trip down the west coast but last week in LA was apparently sweltering. More unseasonal weather with valley temperatures in the 100's in October! Soaking up [...]

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20th Oct 2012 – Sacramento CA

Claw Hammer As we check out of the San Francisco Mandarin Oriental hotel I leave behind all thoughts of the 'E' word.. Not so much fear as an unnerving curiosity as to what it might be like to experience a tremor so high up. I know full well that these buildings are built to withstand [...]

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