19th July 2013 – Lucca

  Victor Bravo After what was for me an incredible day off in Malta, we headed North and back into mainland Italy for our final Italian show of the tour. The day off yesterday was spent doing my favourite thing apart from playing music, Stand Up Paddle Boarding. I had called a chap called Joe [...]

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17th July 2013 – Malta

  Abort Takeoff With virtually no sleep in the last 36 hours, the crew arrived at the city square in Floriana. It was as you'd expect any Southern European show, hot and dusty but at least there was power unlike in Taormina the day before where the local electrician failed to show up at load [...]

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16th July 2013 – Taormina

  Moonlit Arena Most tours reach a point where it feels like you have arrived at a summit, Taormina in Sicily has that feel to it. Certainly the most beautiful location of the trip so far, the picturesque small town on the East coast of Sicily is everything it's advertised as. We arrived to a [...]

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14th July 2013 – Naples

  Napoli Night Mike's Uilleann pipes... Any show day in Naples is eventful and today was no exception. Southern Italy is truly beautiful, but this land is also terribly burdened by economic and social problems. Due to a rather typical Neapolitan political situation, our planned travel after show had to be modified. The Rome sunshine [...]

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13th July – Rome

Bellissima Notte     With the tour fast moving towards its final stages, the desire for exploration and general sightseeing activity is all but diminished and when your hotel room has a balcony and the sun is guaranteed, it's a no-brainer. When we assemble outside the hotel to leave for the venue, the guys ask [...]

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12th July – Piazzola sul Brenta

Amiamo l'Italia   Occasionally, I have to really sit and think hard about how the day started, the memory banks being what they are and all that. This was one of those days. Breakfast in Milano was in-room and once diary duties were out of the way, my mission was to head out and about [...]

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6th July 2013 – Stuttgart

Farewell Nigel (for now) The final show in another run of five-in-a-row took us to the cradle of the motor car, Stuttgart. Home to Mercedes Benz and the beloved Porsche, Stuttgart is a densely populated area interlinked and surrounded by a series of smaller towns. Of course Stuttgart offers so much more than just the [...]

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5th July 2013 – Bad Mergentheim

Teutonic Knights It's 2pm and as is so often the case when touring, we have to leave, just when we're getting to know the place. Our stay in Dresden has been all too brief but we're on a tight schedule and have to be in a place called Bad Mergentheim in 2 hours. No problem. [...]

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