Anyone who has spent any length of time windsurfing will know the name Mark Angulo. I met Mark many years ago on our first trip to Maui. Mark introduced us to the North Shore windsurfing community and made me feel at home amongst THE best sailors of the day. It’s been a long time since then but we’ve stayed in touch and now he and his lovely wife Elena have moved to Melbourne, the opportunity arose to invite them to the show.

The world has been a better place since Hunter Joslin invented the Indo Board balance trainer. Hunter lives here in Melbourne and we’ve known each other for many years. Again, great to be able to invite him to the show along with his daughter Shellby.

Mark, Elena, Guy, Hunter and Shellby….

The day trip from Palm Beach was even shorter than yesterday’s, a 30 minute flight through more turbulent air. Melbourne is clearly a growing community and the fact that Surf and Skateboard  veteran Hunter lives here suggests to me that there are plenty of opportunities for fun in the waves.  Sadly, there was no time to get me on the water…that’ll be next week as a trip to Maui is on the cards.


The King Performing Arts Center is situated on the campus of the Brevard Community College and is another indoor venue designed for the kind of thing we do. The stage was a little tight for our production and the risers had to be positioned differently but apart from that, there was nothing unusual to report. Apart from one small thing, I noticed Dave Dixon’s FOH sound desk was not in its usual place. Apparently, the venue manager refused to allow a central location for the desk and was particularly stubborn about it. He ended up on the side of the room, outside the line of the PA. I found this to be quite odd, if not plain stupid as a large part of the reason people buy tickets to see us is for the quality of the sound, on which our sound crew rightly pride themselves on. Our crew are well used to working in adversity and I’m certain Dave managed to deal with it.

Lighting tech, Mitch attends to one of the ever complicated Vari-Lite spot luminaires whilst Nigel gives that backstage owl a good talking to…


The pre-dinner soup club in full swing. Today it was Chicken Noodle…

The audience were once again, fantastic and the band had a great time on the stage and were made to feel most appreciated.

Another day off tomorrow and with only two more shows to go, I’m not sure where the time went. I suppose it’s true…”time flies when you’re having fun”.